1. Lose your stomach belly – Seemingly every day after you turn 30 your metabolism starts to slow. It becomes harder and harder to lose that stubborn stomach fat. Give yourself a solid head start by losing the belly fat while it’s easier.
  2. Start learning another language – Mastering more languages is something no one ever regrets. It’s also something that gets harder to learn all the time. Once you hit 30, and your body’s going in the wrong direction, and the responsibilities start flooding in, and the memory starts slipping a bit, it gets progressively more challenging. Get cracking before you cross that line.
  3. Start getting in great shape – Like losing weight, getting ripped and strong is significantly easier when you’re younger. Build the muscle memory young and make it so you’re starting off way ahead of the game when things become more difficult physically.
  4. Learn to approach people romantically – Yup, you’ll get rejected a whole lot. But you’ll learn to not be afraid of taking chances, which will be a skill you will be ecstatic to have. And better to learn this skill before the consequences become greater. After 30, the fire to settle down already starts burning stronger every day.
  5. Fix health issues – At some point you just have stuff. You give up on fixing things. And the health issues start to pile on. Better to get a handle on everything you’re already suffering from while you’re young enough that it still feels possible.
  6. Learn to cook – There’s so much to learn, and it’s a skill with endless benefits. Being able to whip up a beautiful, delicious, healthy meal for your whole family is something every adult should be able to do. But you don’t want it to be something you’re learning how to do from scratch when you’re holding the twins, paying a bill, and trying to finish a report for work that was due yesterday. Get that skill down young!
  7. Think a whole lot about what you really want to be doing with your life – At some point you’re not going to want to switch careers every two years, you’re going to want to find a neighborhood and a home to settle in, and you’re going to want a job you love and wish to stay in for life. The older you get, the harder it becomes to build the foundation to make this happen. Start young!
  8. Go to a bunch of Concerts – Before you become an old fuddy-duddy who complains about crowds and noise, grow that hair long, run around like a psycho in a mosh pit, and enjoy the hell out of a bunch of concerts. They’re all fun and games… until you’re too old to appreciate them.
  9. Run a marathon – Those knees won’t hold up forever. Nor will your energy. Marathons are hell to train for. Definitely a better idea to knock this one off your bucket list before your body starts breaking piece by piece.
  10. Have adventures while you’re young – When the consequences are small, get out and take unnecessarily stupid risks. Enjoy life. Be at a rave that gets broken up by the cops. Fall asleep drunk on a stranger’s couch. Sleep with the overly friendly waitress. Do dumb things when you’re young enough that you can shake them off. Or even still brag about them. After 30, it’s all downhill.

By Catherine Mungai

An Outgoing girl based in Nairobi, Kenya who loves life, writing and reading.

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